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Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take to build our house?

This depends on quite a few things: The size and complexity of your plan; The lead time required for selections you may make; Vendor schedules; and,  Weather, to name a few. Only until we have a definitive plan can we provide a realistic construction timeframe.

Do we need an interior designer to help us coordinate selections?

Not necessarily. If you are good with colors, textures, sense of space, have an overall concept of what you want to achieve and have time and resources at hand to achieve your goals, then you may not need  the help of an interior designer. However, there are lots and lots of decisions that must be made when building a house. An interior designer can help you sort through these decisions so you make the right choices the first time. 

Do we have to select finishes up front? Can't we wait?

It's possible, sure, but we advise against it. It's in your best interests to make selections up front. That way we can price everything rather than providing allowances. Once done you can relax through the construction process. We'll be able to control work flow better and deliver the finished product to you sooner. 

Who will be on our job on day-to-day basis?

When you choose to work with Holland Rogers Company, you'll be working directly with builder Lance Rogers who will be on the job daily through completion of your house. There is no middle man when you choose to work with us.  

We're looking to finance the construction of our house. Can you work with our bank?

Absolutely! We're happy to work with customers banks. It generally makes things easier for everybody. 

How long willl it take to break ground?

Do you have plan already? Selections made? If the answer to these questions is "Yes", then all we need to do is price the job, negotiate a contract and request appropriate permits. It's difficult to say what this interval will be with accuracy, but 30-60 days would not be unreasonable. If you need a plan and selections, you'll need to add a few months. It takes time to get things right. But, patience is usually rewarded. 

How do you deal with notoriously bad soils in the Dallas area when setting up a foundation?

Every house we build or make additions to will require a soils test. A soils test report will then be generated and forwarded to our engineers to determine what the design parameters should be given the specific characteristics of your soil. Once we have input from the engineers, we will advise you of possible options. No matter what style foundation is chosen, it will be designed by our engineers and constructed to exacting specifications under our watchful eyes to insure the highest possible quality and performance.