Holland Rogers, through the skilled guidance of Lance Rogers, did

About Us


Our philosopy

Measure twice, cut once!  It's an old adage in the construction business. In this context, we use it to emphasize the importance of spending time up front to get things as you want them. This means identifying  and pricing elements you want in your new house, so that you can relax while we build. There's a lot at stake when constructing a new house or remodeling an old one. Designing and building a custom home can be an extremely personal experience for most people and it's equally personal to us. That's why our goal is to provide you with the highest quality house within your budget as quickly as possible without cutting corners. 


Get ready to get excited

It's really exciting to see a two-dimensional plan on paper become a three- dimensional house in reality. We make it happen all the time! In order to maintain the excitement that comes from construction and before we stick a shovel in the ground, we must spend a lot of time up front making sure the plan is like you want it, that selections have been made and costs have been refined so you know exactly what the final cost will be. 


Meet the builder


A third-generation Dallas native, Lance Rogers has been involved in real estate, banking and construction since graduating from the University of Texas at Austin. From a modest beginning remodeling houses on a part-time basis, Lance soon realized construction and the art of creating beautiful environments were where his interests, talents and passion all came together. 

Lance understands that planning for a successful project is just as important as actually building it. That’s why he takes the time at the get-go to develop detailed specifications and budgets so the customer knows exactly what they’ll be getting upon completion. And, he is also an expert at anticipating and sequencing processes needed along the project timeline to insure timely completion of the project. 


Where we build

We build in the Dallas neighborhoods of  Bluffview, Devonshire, Park Cities, Bishop Arts,  Kessler Park, Oak Cliff, Hollywood Heights, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, M Streets, North Dallas, Preston Hollow, Oak Lawn and Uptown.

Have a project  in area not listed above? No problem! Give us call and let's discuss. 


Why choose us?

That's easy! We work hard and we're good at what we do. We're knowledgeable and personable. We're honest straight-shooters and good communicators. We're trustworthy stewards of your valuable resources.  We listen to our clients needs and wants, and help them make the best decisions possible.  We're transparent in all we do. We'll prove to you daily why your decision to work with us was a good one.